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This link will take you to a private Facebook group facilitated by Sharon Lynn. It is for like minds, hearts & souls that are interested in Higher Awareness Development and raising consciousness - both individually and collectively

Higher Awareness is about raising your vibration so that you can BE and give the best of yourself. It is about perceiving & experiencing things differently, from a higher / deeper place or plane, so that you can experience happiness & harmony in all areas of life and/or business.

You will find all kinds of multidimensional, esoteric and vibrational subjects covered in here via Live videos & posts - including Meditation, Crystal Skulls, Starseeds, Cellular Healing, Ancestral Clearing, Timelines, Affirmations, Mindset, Law of Attraction, Being, Animal Connections, Shamanism, Love, Colours, Numerology, Channelling, Purpose, Ikigai, Soul Connections and soooooo much more - but most importantly this group is about RAISING YOUR VIBRATION and learning how to sustain a healthy, high and loving vibe.

"Love overcomes fear - always!"

"Making the world a lighter, more Love filled place to Be"

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