Conscious Creatures Oracle Cards

The brand new oracle card deck from Sharon Lynn & Lorenzo Guescini is almost here!

CCWhite Lion.png

Our new deck of 42 cards is on its way!

From the creators of the Crystal Skull Message Cards comes another visually stunning set of cards complete with companion book, that aims to bring the user greater insights into the Animal Kingdom and the healing & wisdom each of these amazing creatures can bring into our lives.

In many traditions, animals have been seen as teachers, guides and protectors bringing wisdom and insights into the ways and workings of this world and beyond.

The Conscious Creatures Oracle cards are on their way. If you would like to be one of the first to experience this beautiful deck and help support the project, we have
very special pre-order offer for you (click the link or scroll down for details).

The cards are printed in Italy by a specialist company with a strong committment to sustainability, using food-grade inks in a factory powered by solar energy.

The Presentation Box

The Conscious Creatures Oracle card set comes in a two-part rigid presentation box. Below is a sneak peak at the design of the lid and base (below).

Box Lid_final.jpg
Box Base_final.jpg

Companion Book

The set also includes an 82 page full-colour companion book to help you get the most from your cards, including information on interpreting the sacred geometry, numbers and colours in the cards; plus, of course, messages, wisdom and affirmations from each of the 42 animals (see the sample two-page spread below).

Sample Spread.jpg
Purple - Blue Gradient
Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project by pre-ordering a set (or several) of the cards. You really have helped to make this all possible x



Be one of the first people to experience this beautiful deck of cards and save. For a limited time you can get a set of the Conscious Creatures Oracle Cards for the special pre-order price of just £35 per set plus P&P (post-launch price £44)

**Wholesale discounts available for orders of 5 decks or more**

To find out more or take advantage of this offer, simply email:

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Gary - Shiny Souls Reiki

I've found these cards to be extremely effective and have used them both on Facebook live and for professional readings and they haven't let me down. 


These cards change while you use them and the more I work with them, the more I see. Highly recommended!

Sarah - Faeble's

I found connecting to these cards so easy! They shuffle nicely, perfect size and the imagery is beautiful  x

Amanda - Stormyes Cauldron

These cards have amazing artistry, the colours, the design, the artwork, all have their own meanings which work with each card. The cards themselves are easy to read - with or without the book.

Overall its a beautiful deck with simple and clear messages, very highly recommended.

Liz - Insightful Minds

Beautifully designed oracle cards which are easy to hold, shuffle and deal. The cards are easy to read and deeper meanings appear as I connect and use them with myself and others.


I'm looking forward to using them more in my professional work

Card Back.jpg

Victoria - People and Pet
Therapist & Coach

Beautiful and powerful cards and energy to work with. Easy to get on with, and beautiful pictures that morph as I work with them.


Love the cosmic feel about them and will definitely be working with them more in my future.


  • 42 cards (card size: 89mm x 127mm approx.)

  • 80+ page Full-Colour Companion Book (book size: 145mm x 180mm approx.)

  • Presentation Box

If you would like to be kept informed or find out more, drop us a line or come and join us on Facebook.